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SpecBuilder Quote FAQs

How do I print a quote in SpecBuilder Quote?

To print a quote, begin at your SpecBuilder Dashboard (your SpecBuilder homepage). Locate the section titled "Recent Quotes" and select "All Quotes >" You will then be taken to the "My Quotes" page. F...

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How do I add a custom logo to my quotes?

Begin by opening an existing quote. You can click a quote in the "Recent Quotes" window on your Dashboard or you can choose "All Quotes" from the same location to open an older quote. Once in your quote pa...

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Why won't my information updates save?

When updating the information section of your quote in SpecBuilder Quote, you must click "Update Information" before clicking "Save Quote" at the bottom of the page. Failure to do so will result in the informat...

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What is the difference between Base Price, Unit Price, and Line Price?

"Base Price without options"- is the starting price of a product without the additional cost of any selected options. Unit Price- is the Base Price plus the cost of all selected options in your configuration. ...

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How do I apply discounts?

There are a few different ways to apply discounts in your quote. First, you can adjust the price of the base model and options individually. Prices that can be adjusted are in boxes (marked with arrows...

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What is the difference between "My Saved Specs" and "Product Catalog" when adding item to a quote?

Adding an item through "My Saved Specs" allows you to add SpecBuilder configured items to your quote. This means that your configuration is validated and ready to be manufactured. Adding an item through "Produ...

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