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How to Sign Up for a Box Account

To access MGI ProPad, you’ll first need a Box account—just one account that you share amongst all your reps. Box is the cloud file service we use to securely manage and share all of our sales and marketing materials. We recommend you sign up for a “Personal” or “Personal Pro” account.
1. Access the Box “Personal Plans” webpage at
2. Choose the “Personal” or “Personal Pro” plan.
3. Follow the steps to enter the required information.
Note: The email address you use to register for Box will be used by all your reps to log into the MGI ProPad app.
4. Once you are signed up for Box, let us know the email address you used to register your Box account by emailing the information to Drew Taylor at
5. Keep an eye on your inbox for notification that you’ve been granted access to the MGI ProPad app.

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