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Applying a discount

There are a few different ways to apply discounts in  your quote. 

First, you can adjust the price of the base model and options individually. 

  • Prices that can be adjusted are in boxes (marked with arrows in the diagram). You can adjusted these prices by hovering the mouse over the price and using the up and down arrows. Alternatively, you can type in a new price. Discount percentages will automatically reflect the changes you have made (see the highlighted column below).


Second, you can discount each complete model using line discount.

  • Discounting by line item will discount off of the Unit Price. For instance, in the diagram below, if the Unit Price is $1000.00, a Line Price discount of 10% will cause the entire unit (with options) to be priced at $900.00. Notice that the discount isn't applied to the Base Price and each of the options as it is applied to the total price of the configuration.

Third, you can apply a global discount.

  • The global discount will apply the selected discount to all adjustable prices on the quote.

Keep in mind, SpecBuilder Quote will not accept prices lower the the maximum allowed discount. If a particular discount is not allowed, SpecBuilder Quote will notify you with a red bar notifying you of the lowest allowed price. Simply click that price in the red bar to automatically adjust the price with the maximum allowed discount applied.

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